The Delphi component Tmesh - Andreas Flache

Tmesh is a Delphi-component that I wrote for comfortable application of the datastructure that we (Andreas Flache, Rainer Hegselmann) use for representing irregular grids in cellular automata simulations using the programming language Delphi. You can find background information about irregular grids in CA's in our recent paper in JASSS (Flache, Hegselmann 2001. Do Irregular Grids make a Difference?).

The datastructure for grids allows to use both regular and irregular grid structures in a cellular automata simulation. Tmesh offers a number of routines that give both the author of a Delphi-program and the end user of the program easy access to the grid structure. For additional information about the underlying datastructure and irregular grids consult the irregular cellular automata page  (author Volker Moeller). To download grid structures, a manual with instructions for use and installation of tmesh as well as the source code of Tmesh click below. I'd appreciate if you refer to me as author of the software and to this webpage if you use tmesh for simulations in a scientific publication. Please also notify me if you detect errors in the program.

Download manual and source code of Tmesh (Winzip file)