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   Anne Boomsma

AB - September 12, 2000


Associate Professor

University of Groningen

Department of Sociology
Statistics & Measurement Theory

The Department of Statistics & Measurement Theory functions as a service unit for the Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (Faculteit der Gedrags- en Maatschappijwetenschappen – GMW). It offers specialized courses in statistics, methodology, and data analysis to students from all departments of the Faculty. In addition it provides a consultative service for staff and students who require help with their research design, choice of statistical model, statistical data analysis, or the interpretation of results from such analyses.

Research Interests

Last Courses

Editorial Work

Computer Programs

The bootstrap
BOJA: A program for bootstrap and jackknife analysis.

This program is distributed on request by Science Plus Group, Groningen, The Netherlands

Rotated intervals
CONFIN: A program for the calculation of confidence intervals.

This program is available from the author:
e-mail a.boomsma@rug.nl

R Software

Some statistical functions are freely available.

Recent Publications

Submitted Manuscripts

Publication List

AB - June 23, 1983 AB - September 12, 2000

    A complete list of publications is available on request.


Anne Boomsma
Department of Sociology
Statistics and Measurement Theory
University of Groningen
Grote Rozenstraat 31
9712 TG Groningen
The Netherlands
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E-mail     a.boomsma@rug.nl
Website    http://www.gmw.rug.nl/~boomsma 
AB – September 12, 2000

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